Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Watch Repairs

Today I'll be sharing a few repairs with you one that I fell in love with
A nice Rolex and its Date indicator that is in for service. You can see it with its date indicator removed below it also shows the beautiful black dial.

As we continue you can see more and more of the Rolex parts, I honestly enjoy just seeing every little part and envisioning  how when all put together each part works with one another to keep accurate time and show you your date all in a classy style.
  The next repair displayed below is an IWC that I fell in love with. To be specific I fell in love with the dial.The way the hour indicators are shown is simply mesmerizing indicating your year and month on it/perpetual calendar. 7 day Power Reserve and of course the moon phase that is very flashy
If you'd like to send in your watch to us for a repair simply go to our site, fill out the form and send us your timepiece we will maintain contact with you throughout the process.

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