Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This watch came to us a while ago but I had a few images of the watch and I wanted to share it with you.
It's a Speake-Marin
Simple and eye opening.
I can't show you the completed watch as it has been sent out.

            Swiss Watchmakers has been serving fine time pieces since 2000

 Here you can see the Speake-Marin dissembled.
Speake-Marin is just as old as our company being established in 2000 by Peter Speake-Marin. A very talented watchmaker that has collaborated with Harry Winston to produce the Excenter Tourbillion
 Pay great attention to its design as its very different from most time pieces. It has a simple movement and yet it has an eye opening design.

This watch comes with a simple hour minute marker on a small dial that has what I would call high visibility, no abstractions no diamonds shining so bright you can't tell the time. Simple and right to the point.
This time piece comes equipped with a power reserve indicator. This time piece has an amazing 110 hours of power reserve. 

I love the hands on the back for the power reserve indicator. It has a snake way look to it and it looks great it would be nice to have the hands as hour minute indicators but I still enjoy the original hands.
Swiss Watchmakers is licensed and certified by Omega and Rolex equipped with all the right equipment including many other brands. 
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