Thursday, September 12, 2013

Apple and Watches?

Today at the workshop it was all about Apple's and watches.
Not edible apples but the new Apple Iphones
Questions flew around about the new Iphones and watches were being repaired.

Apple and watches, watches and Apple.

Soon we'll be repairing Apple watches the iWatch (which actually might end up being a tv)
But no seriously Apple might be a luxury brand but it isn't quite the same as the art that luxury watch brands can bring to the table.

Just take a look at this beautiful timepiece.

"It is the most impressive watch in the industry the craftsmanship quality the design is very simple they've been making the watch for 30 years as far as the quality of the parts there is nothing better it's always a privileged to work on these watches, they are truly beautiful pieces"- Patrick Desbiolles

Want to send in a watch to us for repair? Want a review on your time piece as well? Visit us at SwissWatchLand and fill out the form or give us a call 305-377-4837

 Patek-Philippe. iPhone 5s is currently Apple's highest end phone. Patek-Philippe is the same in the watch world. You can't go higher than this.

This is Patek's Reference 3970.

Rolex & Omega Watch Repair starting at $369  Luxury quartz starting at $200
The prices shown are for full service
 and refinishing of the time piece

Lets take a moment to admire the dial. I personally love Patek Philippe Dials, Classy and simple nothing too crazy.
A perpetual chronograph that is perfected in every single part.

Swiss Watchmakers is located in the historic Dupont building. 169 E Flagler Street suite #1032 Miami FL 33131

Just like the new iPhone this time piece is in a league of its own it brings simplicity of art to a new level. It can do everything you need it to do in a simple design.
Apple and Patek-Philippe are at the top in their own perspective. Both making amazing pieces.


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