Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thank you all let the Holidays begin early

As the the final Quarter and holiday season Swiss Watchmakers is sought out by many people to revive their timepieces. 
In the past few years Swiss Watchmakers took the business to an online level.
We thought there are many people who are unsatisfied with amateur watch makers so lets offer them the top of the line work.
The idea came to fruition slowly as we were a bit privatized only serving dealers, jewelers, and collectors.
Many people didn't know about us.
But now we are known throughout the United States not to mention in Switzerland (We were already known in Switzerland prior to our online launch).
Normal everyday people could now get the best possible service.
This would save the time and money.
You can get the same Service from Rolex and Omega as us but they're turnaround time isn't the greatest.
Rolex and Omega also exchanged everything on your timepiece. Everything.
So if you have a new looking crystal they would still change it and charge you.
So we decided we'll offer Full Service plus parts needed to make the timepiece function perfectly,
but we decided that we would offer aesthetic parts and let the client decide if they want them or not.
Now back to the reason as to why I'm writing this.
As our online business has grown in the past years we have a very high demand on repairs.
So I'm going to make an offer to have a bit more space to breath.
Most people send in their time piece 3-4 weeks before the New Year.
This causes us to have an over abundant amount of repairs.
So I am offering a 10% Discount (Promotion Code: Holiday10) for all Holiday repairs that are sent in early November.
This is to help us serve you better and is also a Thank you for choosing Swiss Watchmakers.
It has truly been a pleasure to grow with new clients and have many heart warming experiences with many of you.
From returning a 60 year old to a grand father who thought the timepiece was irreparable, which we actually had the opportunity to skype his son while he returned the watch  to his grandfather.
A truly touching moment.
To birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, or many other special occasions.

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