Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guess who's back?  
                              Back Again?
                                      Swiss Watchmakers well the blog.


                                                  Chronograph Speed Cycle

                                                      Split Second Counter

 So we had this beautiful timepiece come in.
This Hublot has a split second counter as you can see and it looks very appealing. I personally could stare at the counter for extended periods of time and be entertained, pondering as to how fast the movement must be moving how exact every click and clack in the timepiece must be to make it move at such accurate speeds.
Swiss Watchmakers offers the highest level of watch repair services. We take great price in our work and offer reviews on our clients time pieces.

Quartz movements starting at $200
Automatic and Mechanical movements $369

Chronograph's starting at $449

4 week turnover

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