Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Swiss Watchmakers the first blog!

Today is the day that Swiss Watchmakers creates their first blog!
Here's what you can expect from this blog.

1. Watches (Well duh!)
2.Our Watchmakers (Interviews, explanations, etc.)
3.The work station (Tools, set up, techniques, etc.)
4.Things that have grabbed our attention

Well since this is the first blog post lets start with a little history.

Swiss Watchmakers was founded in the year 2000 by Patrick Desbiolles.
Before we continue with Swiss Watchmakers history lets talk about some small facts
about Patrick.

1. He Graduated from the university of Geneva
2. He was attracted to horology because his father was a watchmaker.
3. He is one of the best watchmakers in the U.S- This is Fact :)
4. Yes he is Swiss
5. Speaks French, English, Spanish

Ok so back to Swiss Watchmakers since the company began it has slowly expanded, starting with just Patrick at first to now having more than a handful of employees. Swiss Watchmakers needed to get its name out there so SwissWatchLand.com was created in the very late 2000's. As of then the company formed an Online Watch Repair where customers who can't come to us can send their time pieces. Since the beginning Swiss Watchmakers have gotten all kind of time pieces, from your standard Omega Speedmaster to IWC's Grand complication or even a Vintage Patek-Phillip with world time priced over $700,000 USD.
Swiss Watchmakers works directly with watch brands as well as dealers and jewelers as of the launch of SwissWatchLand.com we now do work for normal people looking for a trustworthy Watch Repair Center.

Well that's a small history of Swiss Watchmakers you'll learn more about it as time goes on now to actually get to watches!

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