Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The first watch! Richard Mille

As Promised Watches

Lets start the first day and first watch with a Richard Mille

In my opinion this watch looks like road signs put together.
Not bashing the watch at all I actually like it.
This Richard Mille is a RM11 Chrono Date.
Value: Over $30,000 USD

I'm going to say what I love about this time piece the by what I dislike.

Likes: I honestly love the crown the look of it on the case is just so appealing, a nice oversized crown with a rubber loop just seems so fitting.Then if you look at it from the side it looks like a cars tire and rims. I also love that the case is Titanium giving it a nice low glow look.

Dislikes: For my dislikes I really dislike how the hands and design make it look somewhat like a railroad stop. Although I do LOVE that you can see all the beautiful gears working.

Overall this is a very lovely time piece in the larger range with a nice movement inside. Richard Mille did a great job in designing this time piece. Feel free to tell us your opinions on this time piece.

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