Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twerk? No! Urwerk!

This next watch is such a treat.
No it isn't twerk (A dance if you can actually call it that)

It's a Urwerk, I have personally never heard of this watch but when I saw it come into the workshop it grabbed my attention instantly.

The top photos show the Urwerk disassembled not including the top case cover.
Take a closer look of the image to the left. Look closely and the middle right of the box and you'll see a very intriguing design, it actually reminded be a little of the Opus 11.
As for the model its a UR 103 on their website it says the following of the time piece.

"With the UR-103 models, URWERK takes its 'no limits' approach to haute horlogerie ever further. Four orbiting and rotating satellites display the hours, with each satellite indicating the time in both analogue and digital fashion as it arcs across the minute chapter. Turning the watch over reveals a new surprise: the Control Board. This control panel is reminiscent of the dashboard of a sports car and features precision indication of the minute and seconds for exact time-setting, power reserve indication and fine-adjustment screw. "

So lets make a quick little passport for the time piece.

Name: Urwerk
Model: UR-103
Cost: $35,000+
Case type:Gold
Size: 50mm

A big interesting watch. Here we will see the watch in one piece.



I love the back as it looks like a car speedometer and fuel gauge which is really cool.  The thing that looks like a gas gauge is actually your power reserve and the numbers are the hours and minutes left which is really nice.
But its on the back of the watch and you can't really show it off (Not that the watch needs any more showing off its already a creative master piece)
The satellite hour markers are amazing but I can imagine it would take some time to get use to telling time.
It looks a bit confusing to me but I guess that's the entire point of the watch to be different.
The huge crown is fitting on this watch as it was on the Richard Mille I showed you guys before.

I guess all we have to do now is wait for a rapper to have a song saying "I make your girl twerk while I wear my Uwerk"

In the end this Uwerk is a rare time piece that hasn't been seen in person by many people and I was really happy to be able to see it.

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