Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jaeger-LeCoultre Takes A Unique Travel

So I promised 2 Jaeger-LeCoultre watches today and I'm delivering the second one to you now.
This next watch is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Unique Travel.

Lets start of with what Jaeger-LeCoultre had to say about their time piece.
The first watch to combine user-friendly access to the world's time zones with flexible setting of the time in the destination zone to the nearest minute. This timepiece capitalises on the "Dual Wing" concept, thus avoiding any loss of precision. It displays the reference time together with the time in a second time zone, indicated digitally thanks to a jumping hour disc with the minutes indicated by a hand. A globe at 6 o'clock shows the time zones of the planet with a subtle day/night indicator. Its sapphire crystal case-back reveals the exceptional decoration on the movement.
That's right this is another Dual-Wing concept watch if you haven't read my previous blog where I explain it heres the link Dual Wing Concept

The watch carries a 383 movement with 498 parts to it.
 28800 vibrations an hour a power reserve of 50 hours
With 54 jewels decorating it.
Of course this watch provides Hour-minutes, Seconds, Second time-zone, Jumping Hour, Map of the world, Day/Night indicator and if that wasn't enough it has World time.
The Watch is a nice 42 mm by 13.7 mm
It comes in both White Gold and Rose Gold
with a Alligator Leather strap
The Dial is Silver-Grained
the numerals are Polished Black Nickel
and the hands are Feuille.

The World Map was beautifully done and in such an appealing fashion.

In the back of the watch you can see the movement and the world time feature as well which is written in a very visible manner.
In the front you can see your current time on the right hand side and then your second "Dual Time" time on your left side with a digital display in vibrant red showing you your jumping hour.
 The World Map it is also a Day/Night indicator.

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JLC Counters Gravity Affects, SIHH Jaeger-LeCoultre

JLC Counters Gravity Affects, SIHH Jaeger-LeCoultre 

SIHH is one of my favorite watch events.
My last few post have been about watches released at the SIHH 
This next post will be about.. yes.. another.. watch released at the SIHH
Don't worry guys I'll review watches that come in to us later.
But come on SIHH releases some of the most magnificent watches one can lay their eyes on.

But today I'll be covering 2 Jaeger-LeCoultre
We'll start with the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon
The Spherotourbillon is part of the Duometre line, a line in which all watches use the Dual Wing concept this concept to put simply uses two power sources one for your time keeping and the other for your regulation and complication needs.
This watch will be sold in very limited quantities, 75 in platinum and an unknown amount of rose gold but it'll be limited as well as stated by Jaeger-LeCoultre CEO. 
Ok so lets explain why there is a Dual Wing concept.
In a watch when you use its features a certain amount of power is used to support them, this can affect your normal features.
Let me show another world example imagine you're on your computer it has say 8 GB and you have your platform and start up programs that use up say 3 GB (That's a lot for just a platform and startup programs I know) then you open a video editing program that uses 4.5 GB you'll notice that your operation on your basic platform might slow down, this is essentially the same for watches.
To resolve this they gave the complication and regulation its own power source so it won't affect the normal time keeping of the timepiece.
Seeing the image above of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon
You can see there are two mainspring sections one labeled Hours/Minutes the other labeled Regulator.
Separating the power source assures high accuracy 
But just to take it a step further in accuracy they used a dual-axis, dual cage tourbillon on a 20° incline.
The fact that it uses two axis means the tourbillon can counteract gravity in a large magnitude of positions.
To make this watch even more exact they've added a flyback seconds button at 2 o'clock which resets your seconds without stopping the watch.
 The Watch has a 382 movement which consist of 460 parts with a 50 hour power reserve.
Jaeger-LeCoultre says the following about their timepiece
"An authentic revolution in the field of Grande Complication models, the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon, stemming from almost 180 years of history and invention unique to Jaeger-LeCoultre, is equipped withan unprecedented multi-axis tourbillon. In addition to the axis of its carriage, the Sphérotourbillon has a second axis inclined at 20° and thereby freeing it from the effects of gravity in all positions. The revolutionary `Dual-Wing` concept featured in Calibre 382 once again paves the way for an original function and makes this exceptional model the first tourbillon watch that is precisely adjustable thanks to the small seconds flyback system."
The watch is beautiful and unique.
on the dial you will find two power reserve indicators.
A Date feature around the hour and minute indicator
A second indicator as well as a dual time feature.
Of course your able to see the beautiful tourbillon on the face of the watch.
Look below to see the The Rose Gold Model and White Gold Model as well as a special model that seems to have a night sky dial which I loved.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You can now carry a miniature planetarium on your wrist

You can now carry a miniature planetarium on your wrist

As the title suggest you can no carry a miniature planerarium on your wrist
thanks to Van Cleef & Arpels

This watch is so beautiful so mesmerizing so majestic.

The Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Planétarium Poetic Complication
This SIHH realese features the representation of movement of 6 planets around the sun 
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all beautifully displayed on the dial.
The movement is self winding and contains 396 components
The shooting star circulates the watch every 24 hours and is used as an hour marker.
The bezel allows you to select your own lucky day (If you can wear this beauty you're already lucky)
Using the position of the you can find out the day and month as well.
The case back is decorated with such grace its hard to imagine how much detail and time this timepiece took to make, the oscillating weight itself is decorated with a night sky.
The Watch case is 44 mm and made of rose gold and has a leather strap with a folding buckle.
The planets have the following movements and are made of the following materials.
Mercury: Rotates around the dial every approximately 88 days and is made of serpentine
Venus: Rotates around the dial every approximately 224 days and is made of chloromelanite
Earth: Rotates around the dial every approximately 365 days and is made of turquoise
Mars: Rotates around the dial every approximately 687 days and is made of red jasper
Jupiter: Rotates around the dial in almost 12 years  and is made of blue agate
Saturn:n Rotates around the dial in over 29 years and is made of sugilite

It is true to the actual planets revolution around the sun which is truly extraordinaire.
The Blue star dial goes perfectly with the rose gold casing of the watch.
The selected gems are perfect for their corresponding planets and are easy on the eyes.
The day, month and year can be set using two push buttons and viewed through two apertures on the dial.
Truly a magnificent timepiece that can be admired by everyone not only watch lovers.

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Thinnest Mechanical Watch by Piaget

Piaguet have revealed the thinnest mechanical movement today at the SIHH 2014

How thin you ask? 3.65 mm thin!
 How thin is that? Well grab 2 Quarters and stack them you have about 3.65 mm. 
That is outrageously thin.

The Altiplano 38 mm  900P now holds the title of thinnest mechanical watch taking it away from Jaeger-LeCoultre that made a watch 4.05 mm thin

The Altiplano 38 mm 900P features 145 parts
What makes this timepiece really interesting is that the case and movement are one, the movement can't be removed from the casing the case-back itself is the baseplate.
The Watch will cost you about 30k USD 
18k white gold case and a black alligator strap
The Watch has a power reserve of 48 hours

I do love the visibility of the movement in this timepeice
the fact that it's also only 38 mm is outstanding for its thinnest and in my opinion its a perfect wrist size.
The white gold casing goes perfectly with the dial as well as the black alligator strap.

Monday, January 27, 2014

A. Lange & Söhne Release a new watch, its cost? about 2.6 million USD

A. Lange & Söhne 

The watchmaking company A. Lange & Söhne has launched a new timepiece, one that cost about $2.6 million. Only six of them will be made. This timepiece was unveiled at the SIHH show in Geneva.
This was one of the 7 timepieces revealed by A. Lange & Söhne.

I will be talking about the A. Lange & Söhne Perpetual Calendar Terraluna

This is another timepiece that is a true beauty, a diamond in the sand.

This Watch Features a beautiful orbital moon-phase display, but what makes is so special is that it also displays the moons location relative to earth and sun.
It's orbital moon-phase is accurate for about 1,058 years.

The Terraluna comes in a dazzling rose gold or impeccable white gold.
The case is  44.5 mm by 16.5 mm
The dial features 3 separate time indicators each one containing the perpetual calendar.
The Minute display contains the date indicator , the hour display contains the day indicator, and the seconds display contains the day indicator.
If you look at the 15 on the minute indicator you will find the leap year indicator to its right.
It also features a power reserve indicator at the bottom of the dial, this watch has a power reserve of 14 days.
The Dial itself is made  of solid silver.
The movement itself is a beautiful masterpiece.
A Lange & Söhne says the following about their timepiece.
Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar “Terraluna”

Apart from the hours, minutes, and seconds, the regulator dial of the RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR “Terraluna” also accommodates the four precisely jumping perpetual calendar displays: date, day of week, month, and leap year. The patent-pending orbital moon-phase display can be admired through the sapphire-crystal caseback of the watch. It shows the current moon phase as well as the positions of the moon and sun as an observer in the northern hemisphere would see them. The day and night halves of this hemisphere are also discernible."
A truly beautiful timepiece.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Retonde de Cartier

Retonde de Cartier

When I saw the following image I was left breathless.

Cartier have created a jaw dropping timepiece that makes jaws drop to the floor. They names it Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire. Designed like a stadium in rows and with the center stage being the (Ask Watchmaker).
This piece is truly admirable.
The "Cartier Stadium" is set up as follows.
Upper Level: Date display
Mid Level: Month Display
Ground Level: Day Display
Now I've seen a good amount of perpetual calendars but none like this. Cartier has redesigned the perpetual calendar into something new. Something that you look at and become lost in because you scan the watch in and out, out and in. But even with this marvelous designed they've made it easy to read.
The display windows is what I like to call a "Cartier Blue"  that is easy to spot.
But it goes much further than that, Cartier have redesigned the manual adjustments of this timepiece.
Changing the Date/Day/Month on a perpetual calendar can be hard as well as risky since you can over-wound the watch. But Cartier has changed that, just like how you would change your hour/minute on your normal watch using the crown you can do so with the Date/Day/Month features on this timepiece.
Cartier has essentially taken the perpetual calendar to the next level.

On the back of this timepiece you can see a leap year indicator.
With a a sapphire crystal back case you can see the amazing movement working.

Cartier states the following "The Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendar watch revolutionizes the perpetual calendar in terms of function and appearance. Its innovative design has produced a three-dimensional concentric display of the day, date and month. A flying tourbillon, rotating once every minute, occupies center-stage. Fine watchmaking connoisseurs will be sure to appreciate the ease of correcting the settings with the crown and admire the fine finishing of this “Poinçon de Genève” certified watch which is fitted with a 9459 MC mechanical self-winding movement."

The case is Platinum and measures 45 mm 15.1 mm thick and the watch is Automatic of course. The crown is Platinum and has a Sapphire Cabochon to decorate it.A silver galvanized guilloche dial with a silvered grid and black Roman numeral and of course the sword shape in a "Cartier Blue". It comes standard with a black alligator strap double folding buckle that is made of 18k white gold. The "stadium" (Perpetual Calendar) with of course the tourbillon complicatio. The watch is also certified "Poincon de Geneve". The movement consist of 382 parts inclduing 51 jewels, the movement itself it 32 mm and 8.1 mm thick. There is 21,600 vibrations occuring every hour and has a power reserve of about 50 hours, water resistant up to 30 m.

This is truly a magnificent timepiece and my respect goes out to Cartier for being innovative, yet maintaining the essence of watchmaking.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Watch Repairs

Today I'll be sharing a few repairs with you one that I fell in love with
A nice Rolex and its Date indicator that is in for service. You can see it with its date indicator removed below it also shows the beautiful black dial.

As we continue you can see more and more of the Rolex parts, I honestly enjoy just seeing every little part and envisioning  how when all put together each part works with one another to keep accurate time and show you your date all in a classy style.
  The next repair displayed below is an IWC that I fell in love with. To be specific I fell in love with the dial.The way the hour indicators are shown is simply mesmerizing indicating your year and month on it/perpetual calendar. 7 day Power Reserve and of course the moon phase that is very flashy
If you'd like to send in your watch to us for a repair simply go to our site, fill out the form and send us your timepiece we will maintain contact with you throughout the process.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unique piece

Enjoy this video that we found very entertaining and interesting. This is a really amazing design and very intricate. A beautiful work of art.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Rolex & Omega Watch Repair

Here at Swiss Watchmakers we promote Rolex and Omega Watch Repairs and for good reason.
These brands are some of the most popular luxury watch brands in the world.
We would like owners to have their timepiece services in a proper manner so that their pride, joy, investment, etc will stay the magnificent piece it was. After years of wear your Rolex and/or Omega will take some wear and tear and that's where we step in. We offer the service to bring your timepiece back to its original state with all the professional tools needed the trained watchmakers and of course the authentic parts your timepiece needs.

We want Rolex and Omega owners to have their timepices in near new conditions. We want them to be able to enjoy the timepiece like they did when they just got them, with that out of the box look keeping time perfectly. That is what we want here at Swiss Watchmakers.

Omega Watch Repair                                                                                  Rolex Watch Repair

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Swiss Watchmakers wishes you a happy new year

Check out our new video

We wish you all a late happy new years and hoped you enjoyed it with friends and/or family.
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