Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ulysse Nardin Sonata

Today a Ulysse Nardin Sonata was being re-cased and examined. This being one of my all time favorite watches of all time I had to get a few quick snaps.
Automatic, Dual Time Zone, Alarm, Date.

This Watch is extraordinaire.
It has a very distinct look. With big tear shaped hands and alarm timer (It tells you how long until your alarm sounds perfect for everyone who has to count how many hours they can squeeze in of sleep or something actually productive).

This watch is worth around $45,000 USD
Came in to be polished and examined and oh was it examined! I stared at the watch and just starred at it. Could it be the tear drop hands or the stunning white gold case, maybe it was the alarm and its lovely melody. 

 But this watch had me fall in love. This time piece is what you can call an all in one time piece. It's an automatic movement which indicated the Date is also a Dual time zone with an alarm! Did I mention the alarm has a count down?  Not only that but Ulysse Nardin sure knows a thing or two about fashion the look of the watch is bold, outspoken, different yet with a classic look to it. I'll let you enjoy the rest of pictures and don't forget to like us on facebook! 

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Today I'll leave you with a short video enjoy!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Patrick Desbiolles with a Patek-Philippe

In the watch world there is a name that stands out..
That name is Patek-Philippe you can't go much higher than that.

Patek-Phillipe Nautilus

This morning Patrick had a simple task with this Patek, the head of the screw was sticking out a bit on the rotor. There was a bit of contact with the screw head and the case and it was preventing the time piece from working properly. So as he did this task I took a few quick snaps of him working.

Seeing the watch apart gives us a completely different view of the time piece.


Notice how Patrick uses a bronze tweezers rather than steel, the reason for this is that steel is a stronger metal and would scratch the time pieces while bronze is much softer and won't cause the damage steel would.

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Aren't you glad I took advantage and took these photos?!
Seeing it apart is simply stunning being able to see the movement is always a thrill.

Now I waited for Patrick to do his work and case the watch so I can get pictures of the complete time piece. 

Normally I say what I like and dislike about the watch but this is a special case. I have NOTHING to dislike. Patek-Philippe have truly brought simplicity to a master piece. No crazy design its all about the movement and class.

"It's the best automatic movement ever created in the watch making industry made by Jaeger Lecoultre made for over 40 years and sold to the top brands Vacheron, Audermars Piguet, and Patek Phillipe. It is an amazing movement to say least."- Patrick Desbiolles

Name: Patek-Philippe Nautilus
Movement type: Automatic Date
Casing & Bracelet 18K Gold
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twerk? No! Urwerk!

This next watch is such a treat.
No it isn't twerk (A dance if you can actually call it that)

It's a Urwerk, I have personally never heard of this watch but when I saw it come into the workshop it grabbed my attention instantly.

The top photos show the Urwerk disassembled not including the top case cover.
Take a closer look of the image to the left. Look closely and the middle right of the box and you'll see a very intriguing design, it actually reminded be a little of the Opus 11.
As for the model its a UR 103 on their website it says the following of the time piece.

"With the UR-103 models, URWERK takes its 'no limits' approach to haute horlogerie ever further. Four orbiting and rotating satellites display the hours, with each satellite indicating the time in both analogue and digital fashion as it arcs across the minute chapter. Turning the watch over reveals a new surprise: the Control Board. This control panel is reminiscent of the dashboard of a sports car and features precision indication of the minute and seconds for exact time-setting, power reserve indication and fine-adjustment screw. "

So lets make a quick little passport for the time piece.

Name: Urwerk
Model: UR-103
Cost: $35,000+
Case type:Gold
Size: 50mm

A big interesting watch. Here we will see the watch in one piece.



I love the back as it looks like a car speedometer and fuel gauge which is really cool.  The thing that looks like a gas gauge is actually your power reserve and the numbers are the hours and minutes left which is really nice.
But its on the back of the watch and you can't really show it off (Not that the watch needs any more showing off its already a creative master piece)
The satellite hour markers are amazing but I can imagine it would take some time to get use to telling time.
It looks a bit confusing to me but I guess that's the entire point of the watch to be different.
The huge crown is fitting on this watch as it was on the Richard Mille I showed you guys before.

I guess all we have to do now is wait for a rapper to have a song saying "I make your girl twerk while I wear my Uwerk"

In the end this Uwerk is a rare time piece that hasn't been seen in person by many people and I was really happy to be able to see it.

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The first watch! Richard Mille

As Promised Watches

Lets start the first day and first watch with a Richard Mille

In my opinion this watch looks like road signs put together.
Not bashing the watch at all I actually like it.
This Richard Mille is a RM11 Chrono Date.
Value: Over $30,000 USD

I'm going to say what I love about this time piece the by what I dislike.

Likes: I honestly love the crown the look of it on the case is just so appealing, a nice oversized crown with a rubber loop just seems so fitting.Then if you look at it from the side it looks like a cars tire and rims. I also love that the case is Titanium giving it a nice low glow look.

Dislikes: For my dislikes I really dislike how the hands and design make it look somewhat like a railroad stop. Although I do LOVE that you can see all the beautiful gears working.

Overall this is a very lovely time piece in the larger range with a nice movement inside. Richard Mille did a great job in designing this time piece. Feel free to tell us your opinions on this time piece.

Swiss Watchmakers the first blog!

Today is the day that Swiss Watchmakers creates their first blog!
Here's what you can expect from this blog.

1. Watches (Well duh!)
2.Our Watchmakers (Interviews, explanations, etc.)
3.The work station (Tools, set up, techniques, etc.)
4.Things that have grabbed our attention

Well since this is the first blog post lets start with a little history.

Swiss Watchmakers was founded in the year 2000 by Patrick Desbiolles.
Before we continue with Swiss Watchmakers history lets talk about some small facts
about Patrick.

1. He Graduated from the university of Geneva
2. He was attracted to horology because his father was a watchmaker.
3. He is one of the best watchmakers in the U.S- This is Fact :)
4. Yes he is Swiss
5. Speaks French, English, Spanish

Ok so back to Swiss Watchmakers since the company began it has slowly expanded, starting with just Patrick at first to now having more than a handful of employees. Swiss Watchmakers needed to get its name out there so was created in the very late 2000's. As of then the company formed an Online Watch Repair where customers who can't come to us can send their time pieces. Since the beginning Swiss Watchmakers have gotten all kind of time pieces, from your standard Omega Speedmaster to IWC's Grand complication or even a Vintage Patek-Phillip with world time priced over $700,000 USD.
Swiss Watchmakers works directly with watch brands as well as dealers and jewelers as of the launch of we now do work for normal people looking for a trustworthy Watch Repair Center.

Well that's a small history of Swiss Watchmakers you'll learn more about it as time goes on now to actually get to watches!