Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Patrick Desbiolles with a Patek-Philippe

In the watch world there is a name that stands out..
That name is Patek-Philippe you can't go much higher than that.

Patek-Phillipe Nautilus

This morning Patrick had a simple task with this Patek, the head of the screw was sticking out a bit on the rotor. There was a bit of contact with the screw head and the case and it was preventing the time piece from working properly. So as he did this task I took a few quick snaps of him working.

Seeing the watch apart gives us a completely different view of the time piece.


Notice how Patrick uses a bronze tweezers rather than steel, the reason for this is that steel is a stronger metal and would scratch the time pieces while bronze is much softer and won't cause the damage steel would.

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Aren't you glad I took advantage and took these photos?!
Seeing it apart is simply stunning being able to see the movement is always a thrill.

Now I waited for Patrick to do his work and case the watch so I can get pictures of the complete time piece. 

Normally I say what I like and dislike about the watch but this is a special case. I have NOTHING to dislike. Patek-Philippe have truly brought simplicity to a master piece. No crazy design its all about the movement and class.

"It's the best automatic movement ever created in the watch making industry made by Jaeger Lecoultre made for over 40 years and sold to the top brands Vacheron, Audermars Piguet, and Patek Phillipe. It is an amazing movement to say least."- Patrick Desbiolles

Name: Patek-Philippe Nautilus
Movement type: Automatic Date
Casing & Bracelet 18K Gold
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