Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This Watch Uses Liquid To Tell You Time!!!


As the title states there is a watch that tells you time using a liquid.
Watch a video of the timepiece below.

The liquid seems to come in 3 colors.
A lime green, sea blue and bright red.
The interesting thing about this timepiece is that it actually uses 2 liquids.
Water Based and Oil. Based Liquid
8 days Power Reserve

This brand is actually a co-op between Hydro and Audemars Piguet Papi
They have designed the timepiece to look like an engine and have done so beautifully.
The timepiece uses the liquid to display hours and has a sapphire display for the minutes and a normal hand.
The timepiece uses a retrograde for the hours as well which is very nice considering it uses liquid to do so.
It also has a temperature feature which tells you the temperature of the liquid.

The timepiece now has 19 different references and will be available world wide.

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