Thursday, May 15, 2014

Audemars Piguet "Get in the Chopper!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a robust man as is Audemars Piguet
they have both collaborated throughout the years.
I'll be displaying the Audemars Piguet The Legacy Chronograph
The watch was made in a limited amount of 1,500

It comes in a massive 48.00 mm by 14.10 mm case
Aramide fibres with titanium over-sized pin buckle. Additional black crocodile strap
This timepiece has a staggering 50 jewels 

For a man who has won Mr.Universe and Mr. Olympia on more than one occasion
as well as govern the state of California the Audemars very much fits this man well.
I've seen some of Arnold's watches personally when visiting Swiss Watchmakers & Co.
But some of them looked bland and just over-sized. But this Audemars Piguet fits his giant wrist perfectly while maintaining the classiness of the timepiece very well.

Swiss Watchmakers & Co. Provide the highest quality of work on luxury timepieces including Audemars Piguet Simply simply go to their site by clicking one of the links, fill out their 1 minute form and send in your timepiece without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Well this concludes my small post... "I'll be back"

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