Friday, June 27, 2014

The New Rolex Cellini Collection

Rolex has recently launched a new line of Cellini timepieces. Look at them all in their majestic glory.

The days go by in an infinite cycle: yesterday, today, tomorrow. Each day that passes is different, each day is essential. The Cellini Date model adds another function to the indication of hours, minutes and seconds: a date display imbued with elegance, tradition and poetry.
Hours, minutes and seconds form the essence of everyday timekeeping. The Cellini Time captures the present as if nothing else were of importance; nothing but the magic of the moment.
Its simple, clear dial pays tribute to the timeless codes of classic watchmaking, while reinterpreting them with an elegant modernity. Faceted and shaped like a two-edged sword, the hands count off each second, each minute and each hour wth the full precision of the self-winding chronometer movementi
at the heart of this prestigious timepiece.
There the sun is rising, while here the day is drawing to a close. While on the horizon the sun is setting into the night, on the Cellini Dual Time it gradually appears in the aperture at the bottom of the dial.

The Cellini Dual Time model grants its wearers the gift of temporal ubiquity. With a quick glance at the dial, they are simultaneously aware of the time here and the time elsewhere. To differentiate daytime hours from night-time hours, a sun or moon symbol transits the aperture at 9 o’clock on the sub-dial. The hour hand can be set independently by successive “jumps” to adjust to a new local time zone, without disturbing the functioning of the watch or the chronometric precision of its self-winding movement.


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