Monday, February 10, 2014

Now This Is A Complication

Frank Muller Aeternitas Mega 4

With 36 complications the Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 is one of the most complex timepieces ever.
This stunning timepiece has 25 complications visible.
This timepiece has a monstrous 1,483 components with 99 Jewels.
Arguably the most complicated wrist watch ever made this timepiece fetches a price of 2.7 million USD

Calibre FM 3480 QPSE
Frank Muller
"Mechanic Tourbillon, Carillon Westminster on 4 hammers and 4 gongs, Chronograph with fly-back mechanism and only one push-piece, Perpetual Calendar Secular, Equation of time, Two additional time zones, Automatic self-winding mechanism for the movement and the Westminster carillon."

This movement measures 34.4 mm x 41.4 mm x 13.65 mm
Which might seem large but taking count of sheer amount of components and complications is actually small.
This amazing Movement also has a power reserve of 3 days/strike 24 hours.
18,000 VPH

You can see this timepiece in 3 different models below!

Heres a bit more on what Frank Muller has to say about this outstanding timepiece

"The Aeternitas Mega – the most complicated wrist-watch - is the pinnacle of success in the art of watch-making in terms of complexity and complications. A grandiose work of art culminating in the design of the most complex wrist-watch ever made in the world thanks to the multifaceted skills of our watch-makers and constructors. Each of the 1,483 components was designed to give the watch an elegant design in the pure traditions of the old “cadraturiers” of the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. This watch inspires countless emotions and make it simply unique in the eyes of lovers in the art of fine mechanics and luxury watch making.
From the very beginning, the Mega was incorporated into the Aeternitas project and is, indeed, the culmination of this project. The Aeternitas Mega 4 is the only “Grand Sonnerie” time-keeper in which the Tourbillon is visible on the dial side, which limits the space available for the “Grand Sonnerie” mechanism and thus makes the design even more complicated.
The glass sapphire case back enables the harmoniously chiselled and decorated pieces that overlap to be admired in a stunning combination as a dazzling ballet. This masterpiece was entirely designed and manufactured by the Franck Muller group and once again demonstrates their vast array of skills and ability in the Art of Haute Horlogerie."
As you can see they have a lot to say about their timepiece and who wouldn't this timepiece is truly a milestone in Frank Mullers great history.

This magnificent timepiece is made in 3 different styles
All with a Case Dimensions of  42.00 mm x  61.00 mm x  19.15mm 
A Hand Sewn Alligator Strap
3 ATM Water Resistance which is about 30 meters.
Display: Hours, Minutes, 24 hours, Chronograph, Fly-back, Minutes counter, 
hour counter retrograde, two time zones, Movement power reserve 
Display of the chime: Grande or petite chime 
Chime or silence 
Chime power reserve 
Perpetual calendar display: Date retrograde, Day, Month, Year, Leap year (cycle of 4 years), no 
leap year (cycle of 100 years), leap year (cycle of 400 years), Equation 
of time 

Cintrée Curvex 8888
 18 carat white gold
Dial: Sun-stamped lacquered white dial with black Arabic numerals 

Cintrée Curvex 8888 
18 carat white gold 
Full set baguettes red rubies

Dial: Sun-stamped lacquered white dial with black Arabic numerals 

Cintrée Curvex 8888 
18 carat white gold with black PVD treatment 
Dial: Sun-stamped lacquered black dial with red Arabic numerals 

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