Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thunderbolt on your wrist

MB&F: Horological Machine No. 4 Thunderbolt
This time piece really catches the eye! It sure caught mine!
This watch is very neat, to put it bluntly. 
It comes in along with a collection of MB&F watches. 
It will cost you about $158,000 to have this gadget on your wrist.

The HM4 Thunderbolt simply tells time like a traditional wristwatch. It includes a power indicator display in one window and another display of the current hour and minutes.

Now to dig deeper into the HM4 Thunderbolt's Components and Specifications.
There are two crowns, as shown in the image of the movement above.
The complete watch has five sapphire crystals.
The case is made of Grade 5 Titanium and Sapphire. With a total of 65 components in the case, one is a sapphire crystal.
The engine, developed by MB&F, is composed of 50 jewels and a total of 311 components. The power reserve lasts for 72 hours.
The strap which is a hand-stitched calfskin strap has a titanium/white gold or red gold custom designed folding buckle connected to articulating lugs.
The gorgeous addition of the hand-stitched calfskin strap makes this watch all the more remarkable in my book.
Having that watch on my wrist would get me into that slicked-back-hair, cool-guy greaser mood. It reminds me of an old '50s car.

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