Friday, February 7, 2014

The Equation of Time

 Audemars Piguet

Ladies and gentlemen I present one of my dream watches.

Ok so I need to gain some self control, I musn't sell all my belongings to acquire this beauty.
But it truly is hard to resist with this timepiece.
This time piece is named Jules Audemars Equation of Time.
It's prices arounf a $100,000 (anyone know where I can finance this watch for maybe 10-20 years with 0% interest? no? ok I will continue to with my crazy fantasies.)
The exquisite Jules Audemars Equation of Time has a case with of 43 mm
with a thickness of 11.7 mm.
Water Resistance: 20m (Go swimming in this beauty? oh no no)
The dial has gold applied Roman Numerals in Pink,Yellow and White as well as the hands.
There is also a skeleton version that of course has no numerals but has platinum hands.
With a caliber 2120/2808
Glare Proofed Sapphire crystal on both the back and front.
The case comes in a variety of options, Platinum, Pink Gold, Yellow Gold, or White Gold.
It comes with a matching buckle as well and a Hand-stitched «large square scale» crocodile strap.
This Watch was made in such perfection that it is truly hard to decide between which style looks better.

The beautiful movement consist of 423 components many of which are made of 21 karat gold as well as 41 jewels.
Giving this timepiece a power reserve of 40 hours
This timepiece is very accurate thanks to the 41 jewels.
This Watch does it all as well sunrise and sunset times, equation of time, perpetual calendar, astronomical moon, hours, minutes
Now my beloved watch that isn't on my wrist as of today (Probably won't be anytime soon)
is so special it has its own movie.
Yup a watch with its own movie and no I don't mean the 3 minute videos other watches.
This timepiece got a full 15 minutes.
They effensiced the equation of time feature very well.
For those of you who don't know what that is its
the difference between "true" solar time (that of Nature) and "mean" solar time (that of Man). 
The video and the entire collection of watches will be below.
If anyone has one and doesn't want it I will take it out of your hands no hassles.

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Silvered dial with yellow gold numerals hands and case with a brown strap

Silvered Dial with White gold numerals hands and case with a black strap

Silvered Dial with rose gold numeral hands and case with  abrown

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