Monday, February 3, 2014

Tag Heuer Watch To Time The Flash

Tag Heuer has two watches that seemed to be made to time how fast  DC hero Flash goes around the earth.
These two models are the Mikrogirder 2000 and Mikrogirder 10000.

These two watches set a new standard for chronograph watches.
I will be talking about the Mikrogirder 10000

These watches carry 3 chronograph readers. At 3 o'clock it has a 1/100th of a second reader, at 12 it has your basic seconds chronograph and then it has a blue central 5/10,000th of a second.
The watch has an Anthracite and Silver dial with a visible linear oscillator, black arabic numerals and hand-applied "10000" at 12. Luminescent markers on the hour and minute hands and the chronograph hands at 3 and 12 are solid rose gold, the logo is also solid rose gold.

This timepiece has a movement with 339 components with 28,800 vibrations an hour and 7,200,000 vibrations with the chronograph feature on.
42 hours of power reserve and 3 minutes for the chronograph.
The case has a diameter of 45 mm and is made of Black titanium carbide.

"In early 2012, TAG Heuer’s award-winning team of engineers and watch masters made a radical decision: to start from a blank page, forgetting the hairspring and the balance wheel to repeat, using mechanistic theory, Christian Huygens’ extraordinary accomplishment of 1657— the total reinvention of mechanical watch regulation. The MIKROGIRDER represents a complete departure from the conventional, 3-centuries-old Christiaan Huygens system, which today still reigns over the mechanical watch industry. Instead of a spiral shape in a classical hairspring, it uses a coupling blade/girder and excitatory blade/girder system working with a linear oscillator.
The Mikrogirder system vibrates isochronously at a very small angle, as opposed to a traditional watch, which vibrates at an angle of up to 320 degrees. The advantages are numerous. In a classic spiral hairspring system, the effect of gravity due to mass is a dominant issue. With the MIKROGIRDER, the problem no longer exists. There is no loss of amplitude and the movement’s frequency can be modulated on a very large spectrum of frequency without overburdening the power supply.
The result is a significant increase in precision (division of time) and performance (frequency accuracy and stability). The MIKROGIRDER energy performance will enable TAG Heuer chronographs to attain ultra-high frequencies never before dreamed possible."

 Now I had to search the web to show you just how the 5/10,000th of a second of a feature looks like.
 Flash is known for being fast but it takes him about 1/10th of a second to revolve around the earth by that time this watch would have gone around its dial twice. Which means it revolves around the dial every 1/20th of a second.
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