Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Celestial

Today will be the first Saturday blog I've ever done, to start off I would like to recommend
Watch Facts is the carfax of the watch industry they certify that a timepiece you have bought has not been stolen and of course if its all original.

Ok so lets start this off my beloved watch lovers.
Today I will be speaking about another timepiece I dream to have.
It is a Patek Philippe Grand complication
Quick fact Patek Philippe made the first wrist watch in 1868

The grand complication was the celestial particularly ref 6102
A dream upon the stars, yes indeed this timepiece is.
This timepiece is a start gazer to say it can be looked at just like the beautiful night sky.
Patek Philippe uses their 240 mechanical movement on this timepiece.
Illustrating the hours and minutes of solar time
a beautiful sky chart with the phases as well as the orbit of the moon.
It gives you the time of the meridian passage of Sirius and moon.
And a hand for your date.
Composed of 315 components 45 jewels
with a diameter of 44 mm
It has power reserve of 38-48 hours and produces 21,600 vph
Of course the name Patek Philippe is respecting in the watch industry but they always seem to take simplicity and complication one step closer.
This timepiece is truly something that shines but without all the aesthetics other watchmakers use
Patek Philippe instead uses a beautiful dial with outstanding functions to capture the attention of anyone just how the full moon catches your eye in the night sky.
Truly exceptional.

I truly admire Patek Philippes work and especially this timepiece.
I truly do believe they try to simplify the complicated and make it into something magnificent.
They use a shiny navy alligator strap with square scales that goes perfectly with the color scheme of the timepiece.

I'm short on time today since it is my birthday so I'll had to make this one short.
Remember I will gladly accept any of my dream watches as a gift.

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