Monday, February 10, 2014

Optic Marvel

Harry Winston Opus 11

Today I am writing about the Harry Winston Opus 11! It definitely has one of the most unique watch displays that I've seen so far.
The Opus 11 is limited edition with only 111 in the world.
The case, available in white gold, surrounds a sapphire-crystal dome.
The watch reminds me of a phoropter, the instrument used by an eye physician to check your vision.

The main circle (above) is where the hour is displayed with the peculiar, yet amazing arrangement.
The number in the middle of the hour circle gets reassembled every hour, then remains still for the next 60 minutes. 
There are 24 placards, that move and rotate to display the number in the center.
The top right circle (above) displays the minutes on a jumping disk for the tens place and a running disk for the individual units. An indicator points at the current time.
The bottom right circle (above) shows the beat of a big titanium balance-wheel.
The Opus 11 includes:
24 conical pinions
155 jewels 
566 components
The power reserve lasts for 48 hours until the crown on the top left corner has to be wound again.
The Opus 11 looks wonderful paired with a black leather strap.

Here is a video on YouTube of the Opus 11 that I stumbled upon:

The way the numbers rotate and assemble is completely ingenious!

Thank you for reading ladies and gentlemen! 

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